Property and Warehouse Coverage

The Value of Property and Warehouse Coverage

How can insurance for your property and warehouse help you protect and maintain your business and goals?

Consider the costs of:

  • Repairing broken equipment such as weight scales, handheld scanners, conveyors, printers, computers and other warehouse or office machines
  • The delay that damaged or malfunctioning equipment can cost your business, resulting in the inability to process orders, causing delays for your customers

Property coverage can pay for the repairs and suits filed in response to the delay. Property coverage may include the building, all the contents/inventory, and machinery or equipment against damage or break-in, spoilage or contamination.

Coverage for Goods Stored in your Warehouse:

  • When goods are temporarily stored in your warehouse, you will want to protect these goods with All Risk Warehouse Coverage. This is an additional coverage that can be added to your policy and allows you to offer more services to your clients.
  • Protect your goods and those of your customers as the items move through the supply chain or in the reverse logistics cycle.
  • If a customer requires you to count items and provide them with inventory reports, you have the data right in your Magaya system to satisfy the contract or claim.
  • If you store high-value cargo, ensure you have enough coverage for its value.

Having the right coverage lets your customers know their goods are safe while in your facility. We at Magaya Insurance Service Inc. help determine the best coverage for all your properties in multiple locations and countries. If you are purchasing new property, let us help you evaluate if any previous environmental or pollution-related liabilities are still pending on the property.

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