Liability Coverage

General Liability

Let us help you evaluate your premises to ensure adequate lighting, clear walkways, secure railings on stairs and see how to reduce risks and learn how claims might arise.

Legal Liability

While an NVOCC does not operate the vessels by which the ocean transportation is provided, there are still liabilities the NVOCC may face. The NVOCC is a shipper in its relationship with an ocean common carrier (i.e. responsible for loss, damage or delay of the goods). The NVOCC uses its own Bill of Lading and makes arrangements with port agents, local carriers and others for movement of goods.

Professional Liability

Insurance against malpractice, slip & fall, and other liabilities.

D&O (Directors and Officers)

This liability coverage is payable to the directors and officers of a company or the organization for certain damages/losses or defense costs brought for alleged wrongful acts in their performance and capacity as a director and/or officer, misleading statements, breach of duty, wrongful termination and other allegations. Discuss with your agent how many officers your company has and what countries they work in and travel to so that we can determine the most complete coverage beyond your office.

Employment Practices Liability

Protect your company against claims of unlawful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, invasion of privacy, wage and hour law violations or other related liabilities.

Fiduciary Liability

Protect your company if you reduce or eliminate employee benefits, you and the fiduciary of the plan may be sued and place your personal assets at risk.

Third-Party Liability

This coverage can be added as protection if a customer or vendor raises a claim against an employee of yours.

Products Liability

This coverage addresses any claims of injury caused by your products. This coverage is often selected by manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and others.

Cyber Liability

Protect your company from liabilities that may arise from destruction of data, copyright or trademark infringement, denial of service, privacy policy breaches, costs related to disaster recovery or other causes.

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