Learn how to sell cargo insurance to your customers

Magaya offers training to help you learn how to sell cargo insurance to your customers.

Why should your customers buy cargo insurance from you?

The benefits for you:

Gain the assurance that comes from dealing with trusted sources, getting the best prices, and the ease of using your Magaya software for the process.

Sign up for training today and see how you can profit from adding cargo insurance to the services you offer your customers. Contact your Magaya Logistics Management Advisor or call us at 786-363-0500

Learn how to use the Magaya Insurance Portal

Magaya software users can purchase insurance for their customers’ cargo by using the state-of-the-art web application and a web service that is integrated with Magaya software. We keep the process simple for you and your staff.


Learn how to use the Magaya Cargo Insurance portal, how to configure it, how to automate the markup amount, view your financial information in the portal, and print originals or copies of insurance certificates and more.


The videos will show you how you can: